Commonwealth Edison

Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) is a utility covering Chicago and much of Northern Illinois.


Utility ID: ComEd (this is the utility identifier you use in our API)

The documentation on this page covers the unique data and behavior you will see for this utility. Usually, each section is linked directly from elsewhere in the documentation, so you don't have to read through everything on this page unless it is relevant to you from elsewhere in the docs.

To see what data can be collected for this utility, click here.

Below are the list of tariffs you will likely see in Base Meter Block service_tariff and Base Bill Block service_tariff values for this utility. You can also programmatically download this list of tariffs on the GET /files/known_tariffs_json endpoint. We update this list regularly as we see new tariffs.

SAID is the "Account Number" listed in the top header of the bills. For lighting services, "_unmetered" may be attached to the end of the SAID in order to uniquely identify each service. For example, 6002123100 and 801101200_unmetered.

Example ComEd residential bill
Example ComEd commercial bill