This is the object representing an an event notification that has been triggered by a task or update to other parts of the API. If you have configured your settings to receive webhooks, these are the objects that are pushed to your server.

Attribute Format Description Example
uid UID String Unique identifier of the Event. These uids may appear as integers, but they are not guaranteed to stay that way, so you should treat them as strings. "12345bcdef"
type Event Type The type of event. See Event Types for the full list. "authorization_created"
ts ISO8601 The timestamp of the event. "2016-01-01T12:30:24.653422+00:00"
delivery_method Delivery Method The way we are trying to deliver this event. Currently, we only support the webhook delivery method. "webhook"
delivery_target URL The specific remote endpoint to which we are trying to deliver this event. This is helpful if you have multiple webhook endpoints configured in your settings. ""
is_delivered Boolean Whether we have received a 200 OK response from the webhook request or one of its retries. true
Extra attributes based on type (see Event Types).
// Example authorization_created note
    "uid": "12345bcdef",
    "type": "authorization_created",
    "ts": "2019-01-01T12:32:42.347321+00:00",
    "delivery_method": "webhook",
    "delivery_target": "",
    "is_delivered": true,
    "authorization_uid": "12345-678"
// Example meter_bills_added event
    "uid": "012345bcdef",
    "type": "meter_bills_added",
    "ts": "2019-01-01T12:35:42.347321+00:00",
    "delivery_method": "webhook",
    "delivery_target": "",
    "is_delivered": false,
    "authorization_uid": "12345-678",
    "meter_uid": "8765432-1"

This String type enumerates possible ways to deliver an event.

Value Description
webhook This event will try to be delivered via webhook.
 Extensible: We may add variants to this enumeration type in the future, so be able to handle unknown values gracefully.