URL Parameters

For all Template base_url and Form url links, you can add some extra query parameters to dynamically customize the authorization form. This allows you to easily prefill and preselect some fields in the authorization form without having to create a whole new Form object. All of these url parameters are optional, but if provided they override any preset fields in the authorization form.

# Example base_url with customer email and utility preselected
# Example Form url with utility and state parameters
Parameter Format Description Example
utility UtilityID Preselect a specific utility. utility=SDG%26E
email String Prefill the customer's email. email=joe%40example.com
redirect_uri URL Where you want the customer to be redirected after authorization. If not set, and Template has redirect_uris, the user will be redirected to the first in that list. NOTE: This url must be in your Template redirect_uris. When redirected, the url will have several addtional parameters. redirect_uri=https%3A%2F%2Facmesolar.com%2Fthanks
state String Include this state when redirecting to the redirect_uri or first redirect from the Template redirect_uris. This will be included along with the other redirect parameters. state=abc123
noredirect 1 Don't redirect after submitting an authorization. noredirect=1