Billing Summaries

This is the object representing a summary of utility billing information.

Attribute Format Description Example
uid UID String Unique identifier of the Billing Summary. These uids may appear as integers, but they are not guaranteed to stay that way, so you should treat them as strings. "12345b"
billing_account_uid UID String The UID of the Billing Account this Billing Summary belongs to "fedcba9"
authorization_uid UID String The UID of the Authorization this Billing Summary belongs to "abc123"
meter_uids List(UID String) A list of the UIDs of the meters related to this billing summary.
["110231", ...]
notes List(BillingSummaryNote) A list of any notes that apply to this Billing Summary. Will be an empty list if no notes. [{"type": "audit_failed_on_new_charges", ...}]
blocks List(BillingSummaryBlockType) A list of the blocks available for this Billing Summary. [ "base", "new_charges", "sources" ]
{block_type} BillingSummaryBlock The contents of a Billing Summary Block listed in the blocks list. { "name": "Electric Charges", "cost": 14.00, ... }
Example residential bill
// Example billing summary
    "uid": "61187",
    "authorization_uid": "97114",
    "billing_account_uid": "11244",
    "blocks": [
    "base": {
        "amount_due": 19038.22,
        "amount_due_date": "2018-02-15T:00:00.000000+00:00",
        "new_balance_amount": 19038.22,
        "new_charges_amount": 19038.22,
        "previous_balance_amount": 0.0,
        "previous_balance_unpaid": 0.0,
        "previous_payment_amount": 19012.33,
        "statement_date": "2018-01-31T04:00:00.000000+00:00"
    "new_charges": [
            "cost": 2104.97,
            "name": "Gas charges"
            "cost": 2989.05,
            "name": "Electric charges"
            "cost": 11907.45,
            "name": "Electric supply charges - ANYTOWN ENERGY CO-OP"
            "cost": 2036.91,
            "name": "Gas supply charges - ANYTOWN GAS, LLC"
    "sources": [
            "type": "pdf",
            "raw_url": ""