This is the object representing utility interval. This object contains interval kwh data.

Attribute Format Description Example
uid UID String Unique identifier of the Interval. These uids may appear as integers, but they are not guaranteed to stay that way, so you should treat them as strings. "12345b"
meter_uid UID String The unique identifier of the Meter object to which this interval object belongs. "4847322-1"
authorization_uid UID String The Authorization under which the Meter belongs. "847372c"
created ISO8601 When the Interval was created. "2016-01-01T12:30:24.653422+00:00"
updated ISO8601 When the interval data was last updated. "2016-01-01T12:30:24.653422+00:00"
notes List(Interval Note) List of notes about the Interval. Will be an empty list if no notes. [{"type": "strange", ...}]
utility UtilityID Utility for this Interval. "PG&E"
blocks List(IntervalBlockType) What IntervalBlocks are included with this Interval. ["base", ...]
{block_type} IntervalBlock The bill contents of a IntervalBlock that was listed in the blocks list. {"service_identifier": "233454432-3", ...}

// Interval data collected for a meter
    "uid": "12382-123111",
    "meter_uid": "58",
    "authorization_uid": "23",
    "created": "2015-03-19T20:50:41.206253+00:00",
    "updated": "2015-03-19T20:50:41.206253+00:00",
    "utility": "DEMO",
    "blocks": ["base", "sources", "readings"],
    "base": {
        "service_identifier": "1234567890",
        "service_tariff": "E1 XB Residential Service",
        "service_address": "123 Main St #100, Anytown, CA 94612",
        "meter_numbers": ["A987654321"],
        "qualities": ["revenue"],
    "sources": [
            "type": "greenbutton_cmd",
            "raw_url": "",
    "readings": [
            "start": "2015-01-07T08:30:00.000000-07:00",
            "end": "2015-02-05T08:45:00.000000-07:00",
            "kwh": 18.2
            "start": "2015-01-07T08:15:00.000000-07:00",
            "end": "2015-02-05T08:30:00.000000-07:00",
            "kwh": 10.5
            "start": "2015-01-07T08:00:00.000000-07:00",
            "end": "2015-02-05T08:15:00.000000-07:00",
            "kwh": 12.0
        //...more readings