Green Button

UtilityAPI is a proud board member of the Green Button Alliance .

Green Button is an international standard for sharing utility customer bill and usage data. The Green Button standard is fairly complex, but in general it specifies three things:

  • XML format for customer utility data
  • REST API for downloading the XML data
  • OAuth method for authorizing data sharing

At UtilityAPI, we are compatible with the Green Button standard by default. You can export any of your authorization, meter, bill, and interval data in the Green Button XML format via our Green Button API.

Additionally, some utilities have partnered directly with UtilityAPI to offer Green Button OAuth where customers can authorize data access using the official Green Button Connect My Data standard.

Finally, for other utilities that offer Green Button Connect My Data (sometimes called "Share My Data"), we offer Green Button Hosting so you can use a utility's data sharing process directly from UtilityAPI without having to run your own Green Button compatible servers.

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