Optimize your workflow for authorizations.

Tips to improve your overall system performance and make sure you’re only transferring necessary data, particularly when handling long lists of authorizations.

  • Authorizations are sorted newest to oldest.
  • Use the limit parameter to set a cap on the number of authorizations retrieved per request. This approach speeds up data retrieval by fetching only the required amount.
  • Use the after parameter to target authorizations created before a specific uid.
  • If you're using redirects, you will receive a referral code whenever an authorization is created which can be used as an efficient filter parameter when querying your authorizations list.
  • Avoid using the include parameter unless you specifically need to retrieve the associated meter data.

Bypass exhaustive searches. Access specific authorizations without traversing the entire list.

  • Use webhooks specifically designed for authorization events. These webhooks provide the uid of the authorization being updated, which can then be used to access the authorization object directly. No need to query the authorizations list.