Using Redirects

When redirecting after an authorization, we will add several url parameters to the redirect so you know what happened during the authorization.

# Example successful redirect when no state was provided
# Example successful redirect when state was provided
# Example redirect with the customer declined
Parameter Description Example
referral If an Authorization was created, you can look them up in GET /authorizations?referrals=... referral=1234
state The state, if any, that was specified in the authorization url. state=abc123
error If something went wrong, one of:
  • invalid_request
  • unauthorized_client
  • access_denied
  • incomplete_registration
  • invalid_scope
  • server_error
  • temporarily_unavailable
  • utility_down
  • access_invalid
  • access_locked
error_description If something went wrong, a short description explaining what went wrong. error_description=We%20are%20down%20%3A(