Police brutality and murder are the unsurprising outcomes of a larger issue that has been poisoning our country since its birth. The stain of white supremacy has tarnished our planet, our policies, and our pursuit of happiness as a people.

We know what to do about this problem. What we lack is the will to make the necessary changes. You know what other problem we know how to solve? Climate change.

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UtilityAPI is a utility data service for the new energy economy. Hundreds of energy vendors use us every day to request and download utility customer bill and interval data.

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Everyone needs energy data. No matter where in the energy ecosystem you are, you will likely find UtilityAPI a useful service. Hundreds of companies use us every day for feasibility analyses, quote generation, asset management, and measurement and verification.

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"Our advantage is that we work."

UtilityAPI is a dedicated team of engineers and business professionals who want to make sure data access never holds you back from developing your energy projects. We like to say we do the half of data science that everyone hates: collection and cleaning.

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