Billing Account Blocks

To organize utility data for a Billing Account, we split data up into smaller objects called "blocks" and only include the blocks which are relevant to that Billing Account. We use blocks to make developing integrations with our API faster and easier. You only have to use the blocks you want to support and can ignore the rest. Then, if you ever want to do more complex utility data analysis, you can add support for additional blocks at your own pace. Our goal is to minimize the time it takes to get your initial prototype up and running, then allow you expand features and capabilities using more blocks and as you need to.

We document the attributes in each block type so that you know what you're getting when you parse a block.

Type Format Description
base Base Billing Account Block Basic information about the Billing Account.
sources List(Source) A list of raw sources that were parsed to build the bill results.
 Extensible: We may add blocks in the future, so be able to handle unknown attributes gracefully.
Coming soon!

The Base Billing Account Block contains some basic information about the billing account.

Attribute Format Description Example Utility Gotchas
billing_contact String The utility billing contact. "Mark Corrigan"
billing_address String The utility billing address. This may or may not be the same as the service address. "JLB Credit Ltd., PO BOX 1234, Anytown, CA 90001-0000"
billing_account String The utility billing account number. The format of this number varies by utility. "2-345-6789-00"
 Extensible: We may extend this object type in the future, so be able to handle unknown attributes gracefully.
// Base Billing Account Block example
    "billing_contact": "JEREMY USBORNE",
    "billing_address": "5 LONDON RD, FREMONT, CA, 94536",
    "billing_account": "4842693165-1"