Smart Meter Texas

Description: Smart Meter Texas (SMT) is a collaborative effort between several Texas utilities. It stores usage data recorded by digital electric (smart) meters.


Utility ID: SMT (this is the utility identifier you use in our API)

In order for you to request data from Smart Meter Texas customers, you must register with Smart Meter Texas as a third party company.

NOTE: When you register, we will send your info over to SMT to get your account set up. This process generally takes 2-4 weeks. Before your registration is live, you will be able to request data from test accounts, not real Smart Meter Texas customers. After Smart Meter Texas approves your registration, we will switch you to "live" mode (you will get an email when this happens).

After registering with Smart Meter Texas as a third party, to request authorizations from Smart Meter Texas customers and test accounts, you can use any of these methods:

  • Option 1: When you Request Data from your dashboard, select "Smart Meter Texas" in the utility dropdown.
  • Option 2: Using your default Template, set the Utility ID to SMT in the url parameter or when you create a Form.

Once a customer has authorized, you will see an Authorization appear on your dashboard and via our JSON API.

After registering as a third party, your registration won't be live for 2-4 weeks until the application is processed. In the meantime, you can only request data from test accounts, so you can try it out or start building an integration, but real customers won't be able to authorize data sharing with you yet. Smart Meter Texas will review your registration, then you'll get an email letting you know that your status is Live.

Since the Smart Meter Texas authorization flow uses their authentication system by default, that means you can't use UtilityAPI's default test usernames to manually simulate a test scenario. Instead, below we have created some special test accounts you can simulate to try out the authorization process.

ESIID Meter Number REP Equivalent Test Scenario Description
123456789 123123* TEST REP (99999)* residential A Smart Meter Texas residential customer.

* The Meter Number and REP fields can be any value for a test authorization.