Been asked to provide third party data access? We do that.

Use UtilityAPI to provide safe, managed, successful third party data access (e.g. Green Button Connect) and performance reporting for energy efficiency (EE) and distributed energy resource (DER) providers. Partner with us to add a fully-managed EE/DER engagement solution to your existing utility solutions.

Compliance with data access RFP requirements.
Green Button Alliance certified and UL-tested.
Can be licenced or subcontracted as part of a bid.
Third-party onboarding and technical support is included.
Engage with EE/DER providers beyond the grid edge.


UtilityAPI is designed to engage third-party EE/DER companies that need utility customer data to perform their services.

Safe, Secure, Standardized

Data access always requires customer consent and secured through standardized OAuth and Green Button Connect.

EE/DER Engagement & Insights

Interact with third party energy vendors and service providers behind the meter.

Fast Deployment

Easy, managed solution that can be quickly deployed for maximum engagement and insights.

Easy-to-use Dashboard

Local small businesses can use our point-and-click dashboard. No software programming required.

Documented API

Our service into analysis software and energy management tools using our well-documented API.

Technical Support

We handle all of the onboarding and technical support for third party EE/DER companies.


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