Distributed Solar

Need utility bills for a solar quote? We do that.

Use UtilityAPI for solar quotes, cost calculators, feasibility studies, bill verification, asset management, and more! We support both residential and commercial customers, and we collect interval data when possible.

Easy, fast way of requesting customer utility bills+intervals.
Historical intervals for initial savings calculations.
Bills include demand charge and TOU breakdowns.
Zero setup. Start using UtilityAPI immediately.
Simple to integrate into your existing workflow.


UtilityAPI is designed to be used for both initial solar feasibility analysis and ongoing savings monitoring.

Residential and Commercial

We support all types of utility customers: residential, commercial, agricultural, municipal, and more.

Utility Coverage

We support utilities in most distributed solar markets, including getting interval data.

Fast Turnaround

When a customer authorizes, data can usually be collected in seconds. Everything is fully-automated.

Easy-to-use Dashboard

Individuals and teams can use our point-and-click dashboard. No software programming required.

Documented API

Integrate our service into your existing solar analysis software and sales tools. Read our API docs.

Technical Support

Utility data can be complex and confusing. Our customer support will help you with anything you need.


Want to make selling solar easier?