Energy Efficiency Programs

Need to accelerate EE/DER adoption? We do that.

Use UtilityAPI to engage and mobilize local energy efficiency (EE) and distributed energy resource (DER) providers to install more efficiency technologies for your incentive programs. We are already used by hundreds of solar, battery storage, demand response, and energy efficiency providers across the United States.

Engage and empower local energy efficiency vendors.
Enable performance-based incentive programs.
Increase success of energy efficiency programs.
Remove barriers for buying solar and battery storage.
Accelerate installation of EV charging infrastructure.
Unlock mass adoption of demand response.


UtilityAPI is designed to be used at scale by distributed energy companies (energy efficiency, solar, storage, etc.).

Residential and Commercial

We support all types of utility customers: residential, commercial, agricultural, municipal, and more.

Green Button Connect

We are on the board of the Green Button Alliance, so we know what we're doing when it comes to Green Button data access.

Accelerate EE/DER adoption

Easy, user-friendly data access lowers a huge barrier to deploying energy efficiency, solar, storage, and EV charging infrastructure.

Local small business friendly

Local small businesses can use our point-and-click dashboard. No software programming required.

Documented API

Energy software platforms can integrate our API to automate data access and performance reporting.

Technical Support

We provide best-in-class onboarding and technical support to third parties needing data access.


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