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If you are a utility, CCA, or utility vendor, see our Utility Products.

Use our dashboard or API to request and download customer utility bills and intervals.


Send data request


When you want to request utility data from a customer, simply create a data request link and send it to them. Sending data requests is free, so send as many as you want.


Your customer authorizes


Our online authorization form is fast and simple for your customer. When they authorize, we automatically collect their meter list (we support both residential and commercial).


Select meters to collect

View Pricing

You select the meters you want us to collect historical data or start ongoing monitoring. We immediately start collecting the data you want.


Download collected data


Historical and ongoing utility data is available for download as soon as we collect it. We parse, clean, and standardize it into various formats (CSV, JSON, etc.).

We offer a utility data service dashboard you can use to send and manage utility customer data requests, authorizations, and collected utility bills and intervals.

UtilityAPI dashboard screenshot

Use Cases

  • Initial feasibility studies.
  • System sizing and quotes.
  • Project savings analysis.
  • Asset management reporting.


  • No setup - Start using our dashboard immediately.
  • No upfront costs - Send as many data requests as you want for free.
  • Friendly pricing - Pay-as-you-go and discounts available.
  • Company accounts - Manage employees with corporate accounts.
  • Customer support - Best in class customer support.

We offer a fully-documented utility data API you can integrate into your existing energy analysis software and sales platforms to make requesting utility data easy and automated.

UtilityAPI API documentation screenshot

Use Cases

  • Build into CRM and sales tools - Automate utility data requests and bill data entry.
  • Integrate into energy software - Automate savings analysis and system sizing.
  • Monitor savings for assets - Automate asset reporting and savings calculations.


  • Fully-documented - Our API docs have examples for everything.
  • Embeddable - Authorization forms can be embedded in websites and apps.
  • Universal format - Get the same json format for every utility we support.
  • Robust messaging - Webhooks and API notes keep you in the loop.
  • Technical support - Our technical and integration support is in-house.

We offer hosting for third parties wanting to integrate with utility Green Button Connect My Data systems (sometimes called Share My Data). We manage and host your connection to the utility, so data shared with you shows up on your dashboard and API the same as other data.

UtilityAPI is a proud member of the Green Button Alliance.

Use Cases

  • High-volume interval data - Low-overhead, fast way to get lots of meter interval data.
  • Become listed third party - Show up in the third party list on a utility's website.


  • No technical requirements - We handle all of technical integration and connectivity setup requirements with the utility.
  • Built-in integration - Data shared through hosted Green Button shows up in your dashboard and API the same way as everything else.
  • Technical support - We literally help write the spec for Green Button, so we are experts in managing these connections.
Use UtilityAPI directly inside the Energy Toolbase interface!
Import data from UtilityAPI into Geli's ESyst platform.
Import data from UtilityAPI into Aurora's software.
Import data from UtilityAPI into Sunbase Data's CRM platform.
Import data from UtilityAPI into Homer Energy's platform.
Import data from UtilityAPI into OpenSolar's software.
We have adopted the U.S. Department of Energy DataGuard Energy Data Privacy Program (DataGuard).
We have been awarded two grants by the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO).
We are proud members of the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA).
We are proud members of the California Solar and Storage Association (CalSSA).
We are proud to be in the Elemental Excelerator portfolio of energy innovators.
We are proud to be on the board of the Green Button Alliance.
We are proud to be an active member of Mission:Data.

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