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The energy landscape is changing. More and more technologies are being deployed behind the meter. UtilityAPI is your pathway to understanding and engaging the distributed energy resources (DER) and energy efficiency (EE) companies.
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Data Access Platform

Green Button Connect

Performance Reporting API

Safe, secure, customer-friendly

UtilityAPI's Data Access Platform is a low-cost drop-in solution for providing secure, managed third party data access.

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  • Get insights into data access by third parties.
  • Increase customer satisfaction for authorizations.
  • Reduce customer and third party support costs.
  • Unblock energy efficiency incentive programs.
  • Comply with data access regulatory requirements.

Product Components

  • Third party registration and account management.
  • Full-service third party technical support.
  • Easy-to-use dashboard for authorization management.
  • Documented API for app and platform integrations.
  • Authorization UI/UX customized to match existing styling.

Built on our Data Access Platform, we offer standardized, certified, UL-tested, low-cost Green Button Connect My Data (GBCMD) and Green Button Download My Data (GBDMD) solutions. Complies with NAESB REQ.21 (OpenESPI) and enhancements made by the Green Button Alliance's OpenADE working group.

What is Green Button Connect?

  • Green Button Connect My Data (also called Green Button Connect) is an international standard for providing third party data access to utility customer data, such as account, billing, and interval usage data.
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Why choose UtilityAPI for Green Button Connect?

  • We are GBA certified and UL-tested
    We have been certified by the Green Button Alliance and UL-tested, including our sandbox environment that third parties use for testing.
  • We help write the standard
    We are on the board of the Green Button Alliance, which manages the standard, and one of the key participants in their technical OpenADE working group.
  • We work with regulators
    We help write the technical aspects of data access regulatory proposals, such as in the Customer Data Access Committee in California (CPUC CDAC).
  • We work with third parties
    We are the primary interface through which third parties access data, and we provide all of the registration and technical support needed.

Make it easy to submit data to utilities, grids, and smart cities.

UtilityAPI's Third-Party Performance Reporting API allows DER, EE, and energy managers to send project and performance data to utilities and incentive programs.


  • Achieve higher engagement for incentive programs.
  • We handle all the third party technical support.
  • Receive data in a clean, standardized format.
  • Works for one-time and ongoing data submissions.
  • Built-in interface for small local businesses.
  • Integrates into enterprise management platforms.
  • Engage companies already using UtilityAPI for data access.

Product Components

  • Data API for submitting and receiving third party data.
  • Payment API for submitting and receiving incentive payments.
  • Multiple export formats for batch reporting data.
  • Dashboard interface for third parties to submit data.
  • Connector tool for third party APIs (inverters, EVs, etc.).

Is "Data Access" keeping you up at night? Ask us to help!

UtilityAPI is one of the leading experts on modern utility data access for both utilities and DER/EE companies. We have years of experience navigating the security, privacy, and policy landscapes. We offer consulting services to help guide you through any data access questions you have.

Industry Highlights

  • Green Button Alliance: We are on the board and participate in the technical OpenADE working group.
  • Data Guard Energy Data Privacy Program: We voluntarily adopted its policies and advocate for the program.
  • CPUC's Customer Data Access Committee: We wrote the technical specifications for "Solution 3" and "Solution 1b".
  • Speaking and Though Leadership: We regularly moderate and speak on panels at industry conferences and webinars.
We are proud to be on the board of the Green Button Alliance.
We have adopted the U.S. Department of Energy DataGuard Energy Data Privacy Program (DataGuard).
We are proud members of the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA).
We have been awarded two grants by the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO).
We are proud to be in the Elemental Excelerator portfolio of energy innovators.
We are proud members of the California Solar and Storage Association (CalSSA).
We are proud to be an active member of Mission:Data.
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Service Options

  • Direct integration with a utility or central authority
    We are happy to work directly with utilities, CCAs, and other central authorities to integrate our engagement and data access products.
  • Partnership with utility vendors
    If you would like to include our products in your existing utility offerings or as part of a bid, we are happy to work with you as partners.