Our partners have a few important things in common with us. We are all experts in our related fields. We're all in the business of fighting climate change. And we all understand that good data that's easy to access underpins every piece of technology we have to do it.

Featured Partnership:

UtilityAPI has teamed up with Utilismart Corporation and Screaming Power to create a Green Button Toolset (GBT) solution — powered by our proven technology — for Ontario (Canada) Local Distribution Companies (LDCs).

This GBT solution will give Ontario LDCs and their customers the same things United States-based customers have come to expect from UtilityAPI: easy access to their their electricity and natural gas data combined with the ability to share it with third-party vendors in a standardized format.

Our GBT solution is ready for implementation, proven to work, and is hosted andoperated in Canada. It meets and exceeds the regulatory requirements and needs of small, medium, and large utilities.

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