National Grid’s data access platform certified as Green Button compliant

National Grid New York’s Green Button Connect platform has been certified as compliant with the Green Button Standard by the Green Button Alliance. The software platform, built by data access experts UtilityAPI, is the first to be certified at an investor-owned utility in the United States. National Grid New York’s customers can use the platform to securely share their energy data with authorized third parties — often energy efficiency, HVAC/energy management, demand response, EV charging, solar and energy storage companies. Likewise, those same third party companies, once registered and authorized, can use the system to request, manage and download data from their customers. No data is shared without customer consent, which the customer can revoke at any time.

“Green Button” is the energy industry’s data access and sharing standard. A Green Button Connect My Data (GBCMD) platform encourages innovation at the local level by giving local businesses easy access to the high quality data they need to accelerate clean energy transitions. This data is standardized, cleaned and available in many formats, which makes it highly useful to third parties. Data sharing is safe, secure, and managed by National Grid. The GBCMD platform uses encrypted, authenticated connections for transferring data — the same level of security as banks. 

“National Grid New York’s certified platform is a major milestone in our work to fight climate change,” said UtilityAPI CEO Devin Hampton. “National Grid is leading utilities and their customers toward a future where everything and everyone in the energy ecosystem is connected. The data access this system provides positions them at the center of the national conversation around utility-enabled clean energy and innovation.”

“Our Green Button Connect platform makes it easy for customers to share data securely with third-party experts who can help them maximize and better understand their energy use,” said Carlos Nouel, National Grid Vice President of Transformation Programs. “It’s also important to become certified as compliant with the Green Button Standard because customers and National Grid alike will reap the benefits. It will be exciting to see how Green Button Connect enrollees and their interactions with authorized third parties will drive new energy efficiency initiatives and other programs, all based on data that they’ll have available at their fingertips.”