Need a snapshot of your customer’s account details?
Get it with meter data

Meter data provides insightful information about your customer’s utility account and all the associated meters.

It’s the first step in getting interval data, bill data, or accounting data.

Meter data availability

Meter data is only available in a limited number of utilities in our data access network.

Use the table below to search for your customer’s utility and see if meter data is available.

Don’t see your customer’s utility? Click here.

Meter data
easy, fast, and secure

Invite your customer to connect

their utility account to UtilityAPI.

Activate the meters 

you need interval data from.

Collect and download 

the interval data you need.

I want to use a dashboard where I can manage the entire process.

I want to integrate an API directly into my internal processes.

Data types available with meter data