Amped Solutions saves time and money with UtilityAPI


The Problem 

As one of California’s premier solar and energy storage development companies, Amped Solutions needs access to customer utility data to generate customer proposals and validate savings. 

The Solution

Using UtilityAPI’s meter, bill, and interval products, Amped Solutions can now turn around customer proposals in minutes, not weeks, and provide customers with unique utility bill savings reports post-installation.

“The trouble is most businesses think about their electricity about five seconds a month – when they get their bill, and they scream that it’s too high.”

Dan Martin, founder & CEO of Amped Solutions

The Story

Founded in 2017, Amped Solutions is a company on a mission to help people go solar, join together, and fight for their energy rights. Amped Solutions has partnered with 15 commercial and industrial customers throughout California to deploy over 2,000 kilowatts (kW) of solar and 1,800 kWh of battery energy storage.

But achieving these milestones and building a pipeline of future projects hasn’t been simple. For Amped to achieve its mission and deliver the clean energy solutions its customers want, they first need access to their utility data – and that was a challenge. 

It’s the first step in a project. If somebody says to me, I want solar or storage, the first thing I give them is an authorization link from UtilityAPI for their utility.”

Dan Martin, Founder and CEO

Before working with UtilityAPI, the Amped Solutions team would spend hours helping customers through the process of either copying 12 months of customer utility bills or downloading their data from the utility website and sending it to the Amped team. Either way of collecting the necessary data was time-consuming, and the data formats varied based on each customer’s electric utility. 

Fortunately, there’s a better option.  With UtilityAPI’s interval product and Energy Toolbase’s integration with UtilityAPI, Amped Solutions can collect, model, and propose a solar and storage solution for each new customer in just a few minutes. By consolidating the data collection process to just one link and a few customer clicks, Amped Solutions has dramatically reduced the length of its sales cycle. 

4 Hours

Amped Solutions saves 4 hours per customer proposal with UtilityAPI.

30+ Meters

Amped Solutions has collected data from 30 meters throughout California.

173 Refreshes

Amped Solutions has automatically refreshed utility data 173 times.

But the value of UtilityAPI doesn’t stop at the project proposal phase. Once a solar or battery project is installed, Amped Solutions leverages UtilityAPI’s meter product and bill products to ensure each customer is enrolled in the correct utility rate and the project performs as expected.

Amped Solutions is playing a major part in the transition to clean energy, and it’s essential that businesses like Amped have what they need to get the job done.

“UtilityAPI are people that understand the business of the barriers to provide clean energy.”

Dan Martin, founder and CEO