Managing energy use, costs, and carbon emissions with UtilityAPI is a breeze

Access the data you need to manage energy to achieve your usage, cost, or carbon savings goals.

The problem

The solution

“UtilityAPI in [the New Jersey] market has been really helpful. A huge time saver. I can’t even calculate how many hours that has saved us.” 

Rice Lummis, Sustainability Lead and Market Risk Manager at 5

Meter Data

Optimize rates

Meter Data collects utility rates and tariffs for every meter, enabling you to optimize rates for every property.

Bill Data

Issue bill credits and invoices

Utilize Bill Data to issue invoices for energy usage or bills for community solar.

Interval Data

Manage energy usage hourly

Interval Data delivers insights into how your property or portfolio uses energy every hour of the year.

Interval Data

Achieve ESG goals

Leverage Interval Data to quantify, reduce, and achieve Scope two (2) carbon emission goals.