Help customers access rebates

Whether you need utility usage or to verify a customer’s utility, accessing rebates with UtilityAPI is simple.

The problem

The solution

“Every time we get data from UtilityAPI, we know exactly what it will look like.

Kevin Berkemeyer, CEO A Station A

Meter Data

Confirm Rebate Eligibility

Use Meter Data to confirm your customer’s utility and eligibility for rebate programs.

Bill Data

Complete Home Energy Audits

Complete required home energy audit reports in minutes using Bill Data.

Meter Data

Automate Rebate Form Completion

Leverage Meter Data to automate the completion of rebate forms with access to customer account metadata.

Interval Data

Unlock IRA Rebate Programs

Utilize Meter, Bill, and Interval Data to unlock participation in multiple IRA rebate programs, including the Home Efficiency Rebates and the Solar for All Program.