Utility data access is critical for the clean energy transition. Let’s get to work.

Devin Hampton

Our CEO’s take on UtilityAPI’s latest funding round

Fighting climate change has been the mission of UtilityAPI since approximately forever. Data access has been our path, a choice the market has validated. Our pipeline has tripled in the past year. We now cover millions of utility customers. Thousands of clean tech companies rely on our service to offer their climate change-fighting technologies. What we do is critical, and we’re making an impact. Our new investors, Aligned Climate Capital and ZOMALAB, have just committed to help us do it.

UtilityAPI sees utilities as vital partners in building this new future. So this is a great day for utilities. We’re on the cusp of being able to offer every utility our proven, mature technology — a service that positions them at the hub where innovation and the energy transition meet. 

It’s also a great day for DERs — all those brilliant, innovative energy efficiency companies that are driving us toward a sustainable future. Good utility data that’s easy to access undergirds every piece of technology we have to fight climate change. When UtilityAPI grows, thousands more businesses large and small across the country gain access to the data we can share, which frees up their time to do more of what they do best — install even more climate-friendly solutions. 

I’d like to talk about our new partners, Aligned Capital Partners and ZOMA Capital. These investors share our mission to create a sustainable, equitable future for generations to come. They’ve been easy to work with and deeply helpful, which bodes well for the work to come. Aligned’s representative on our Board will be Nneka Kibuule, who brings her years of experience in the energy ecosystem, as well as her leadership in creating a diverse, more inclusive, and stronger clean tech sector, a goal we have long shared. ZOMA has also given us a new Board member, Bud Vos, with deep experience in distributed energy and the grid. He’s built and sold companies in our space and is a great addition to our team. 

From our time in the early days swimming in the stream of ideas  with other companies at Powerhouse (thanks for your support Emily!) to our time with the ohana at Elemental Excelerator learning from each other as we went through our cohorts together (shout out to Dawn). I’d also like to recognize Elena Foukes, UtilityAPI’s co-founder and first CEO, for pouring her heart into creating a company that everyone in the industry both loved and relied upon. This company has benefited and grown from the attention of whip smart, powerful women.

Departing Board members Dr. Lara Pierpoint, Diane Levin, and John Powers have each lavished UtilityAPI with their insights and connections within the industry. UtilityAPI is noticeably better and stronger for them. I also want to thank Kyle Cherrick for powerfully evangelizing on behalf of UtilityAPI since the start.

Finally, I’d like to thank the UtilityAPI team. Eight years ago, Daniel Roesler’s vision and hard work brought this company to life. His passion for data access coupled with his deep technical and industry knowledge sustains it. But there would be no UtilityAPI without our COO, Lynne Wander. Lynne came on board to run the company in 2016. She has gone way beyond that. Tapping in to her deep well of empathic, transparent leadership, she has created a microcosm of the world we want to live in —  a just, diverse, and inclusive company that attracts great employees, and keeps them (0% turnover since the start of the pandemic…) 

Our team is awesome, our advisers, partners, and customers are top notch, and the funding is now in place to have an even bigger impact on fighting climate change. Let’s get to work!