Grid Forward chats: episode 11, season 4 – leading the nation’s largest energy delivery company to invest in local communities GridForward chats:

Even though Exelon is the largest energy delivery company in America, the company is committed to investing in local communities and helping all of their operating utilities achieve their goals. CEO Calvin Butler discusses how Exelon turns government policies into action and how it has also applied for $700 million in federal funding for infrastructure projects to address the needs of individual communities. While some grants will help close the digital divide, and others help counties achieve decarbonization goals, all are aligned to the effort to modernize the grid. Calvin also discusses how the company is progressing towards becoming net zero by 2050, driving new innovation ahead while ensuring delivery of reliable and affordable power.

Guest host Devin Hampton, CEO of UtilityAPI and Grid Forward board member, takes the mic for this chat with Calvin.