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Commercial Customer Registration

This is where you can register as a commercial customer for the Peninsula Clean Energy Data Sharing platform, so you can request data from Peninsula Clean Energy customers. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact support.

To register, please fill out the fields below so we know who you are and how to get in contact with you. When you register we'll create an account on UtilityAPI's platform where you can login and see your account data.

This is your first name.
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This is the email you use at your company. It will also be your username when you login.
This is the name of the company you work for.
This is the website that your company name will link to on data requests to customers.
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This is the password you will use to login.

Terms and Conditions

You must agree to use data sharing program within our terms of service, and you must agree to use UtilityAPI's platform with its terms of service.

When you submit, your registration will be set in "sandbox" mode, which means you'll only be able to request data from demo accounts for testing. We'll review your registration and then email you when we switch you to "live" mode (i.e. when you can start accessing account data).

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