Third Party Registration

Fill out the form below to register as a third party with the Fort Collins Utilities MyData platform in order to request utility data from customers. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact support.

After you finish, we'll create an account on UtilityAPI's platform where you can log in and see your customer-authorized data. All fields are required.

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This is the email you use at your company. It will also be your username when you login.
This is the name of the company you work for.
This is the website that your company name will link to on data requests to customers.
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Scope of Use Disclosure

When you ask a customer to authorize access to their utility data, we require that you disclose how you're going to use it. Your scope of use description below will be shown to your customers on the authorization form. (read more)

This is a short statement that will be presented to customers when authorizing data sharing with you, so that they know how you will use their data.

See what your scope of use description looks like in Step 3 of the auth form.

Helpful Tip: You don't have to come up with a perfect scope of use description now, since you can edit your scopes of use descriptions in your settings at any time.

If you have multiple scopes of use (e.g. you are requesting data from some customers for X purpose, and some customers for Y purpose), you can add those multiple scopes of use in your settings after you register, then pre-select which one you want to present to the user during authorization. This is just the default scope of use for your registration.

As part of your scope of use description, you can optionally link the user to your complete terms of service that describes how you will use their data. This link is added to the end of of the scope of use description, so you still need to provide a succinct description and not just a link.

See what your scope of use URL will look like in Step 3 of the authorization form.

If you're a small company that doesn't have a detailed terms of service on your website for customers, no worries! Just try to be as clear as possible in your scope of use description about how you will use the customer's data.

NOTE: Customers will see what you write here as part of the authorization process (see example), so try to make it easy for them to understand. You can also add more scopes of use after you register if you need more than one for different use cases.

Directory Listing

Fort Collins has a public directory where you can be listed as a registered third party. You can choose to be automatically listed in this directory when your registration is approved and switched to live status. You can always change this later in your settings.

Terms and Conditions

You must agree to use the MyData program within our terms of service, and you must agree to use UtilityAPI's platform within its terms of service.

When you submit, your registration will be set in "sandbox" mode, which means you'll only be able to request data from demo accounts for testing. We'll review your registration and then email you when we switch you to "live" mode (i.e. when you can start requesting data from real Fort Collins Utilities customers).

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